For hundreds of years the art market has been one of the most closed and conservative of all the markets known to us.

‘The Art Exchange’ platform will bring together art, finance, and technology in a unique combination which will be used for selling and buying works of art. Our aim is to expand the art market and make art more accessible for investment and financial technologies.

The Art Exchange is the first online platform for trading tokenized fine art and art derivatives. Art collectors and dealers can tokenize artwork to borrow against or sell them to multiple co-investors whilst also earn attractive interest on a collateralized loan or invest in a share of a piece of art. Every user can also participate in a future sale, provide a guarantee and make complex financial contracts on an art piece in a peer-to-peer transaction, secured by blockchain technology, so-called Decentralized Finance.

Initially, the platform will feature Old Masters paintings, selected by The Art Exchange expert team.

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